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Chandigarh Celebrates World Tourism Week 2018

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Chandigarh Celebrates World Tourism Week 2018

Chandigarh is celebrating the 2018 World Tourism Week in the most exceptional way. The celebrations which have started on 27th September will continue till 30th September and have so much to offer to the city people. “Tourism and the Digital Transformation” being the theme for this year, the World Tourism Day has been celebrated not just in Chandigarh, but across the globe since 1980.

Technological advancements have been revolutionizing the way we travel. While tourism opens up the mind to a world of new experiences, new acquaintances, new cultures and new thoughts, World Tourism Day 2018 intends to highlight the value of digital technologies in the tourism industry. The theme highlights what can be the potential contribution of digital technologies for a sustainable tourism development and to build a responsible as well as inclusive tourism sector.

Observing the World Tourism Day creates an awareness among the people regarding the significance of tourism in flourishing the economy of any country. The week long celebrations include a large variety of events and competitions that promote city tourism and also offer various discounts on food and beverages to the public.

CITCO World Tourism Week celebrations in Chandigarh brings along Coffee Festival at Hotel Mountview and Coffee with Colours Festival at Sukhna Lake. There are special Saxophone and Cello musical performances by Mr. Jogindar at Sukhna Lake along with an Art Workshop and Exhibition by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi.
So what are you waiting for? Head out for the most awaited festival of the season and make the most of all the things it has to offer. For more information about the CITCO World Tourism Week Celebrations, click here:- www.citywoofer.com/e/world-tourism-week-celebrations

North India’s Most Loved Beer Festival is Back!!!

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North India’s Most Loved Beer Festival is Back!!!

Speed Records and EYP Creations presents Gaana Lager n Barrel Festival which is back in the tricity again with its fourth edition. This fall couldn’t have been merrier and you couldn’t have been luckier as the most awaited festival is all set to take your breath away with its extravagant celebrations and unlimited entertainment.

The festival is co-presented by ItsMillerTime.in and is scheduled to happen on 29th and 30th September at The Village, Chandigarh. It is, indeed, going to be a happy weekend for all the fun loving people of the tricity, particularly the beer lovers because it will be 2 days of scrumptious delicacies, foot-tapping music, super fun games, and lots and lots of beer.

The festivities start late afternoon and continue till late night with the enthralling music setting just the right mood to have a great time with friends and loved ones. This year the festival has a lot in store for you. The long list of artists performing includes Papon, Jasleen Aulakh, Sunanda Sharma, Gurnazar, Jass Manak B Praak, Deepak Rathore Project, Ahen, Kutle Khan, Funky Boys, The Local Train, Lost Stories and many more. Their performances are for sure going to leave you mesmerized and will ensure you an unforgettable time.

What could be better than good food with good music. All your food cravings are bound to be satisfied with a wide range of delicious cuisines all served at one place. Relive your childhood by participating in the fun and frolic activities and get indulged in all the craziness this festival has to offer. It is definitely a chilling break your body needs and truly deserves.

To keep the curiosity and excitement alive in this as well, ItsMillerTime.in has custom designed a Beer Garden promoting the concept of producing the best out of waste. It is a great platform and wonderful opportunity to bring into light the local talent and the otherwise hidden artists along with giving the audience a beautiful backdrop for clicking some amazing selfies and spending a delightful evening. The handicrafts stall is surely going to catch your fancy, so make sure you do not miss a single thing of this festival that promises so much of entertainment and memorable time. 

Thre3some – An Evening Dedicated to 3 Years of Kitty Su

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Thre3some – An Evening Dedicated to 3 Years of Kitty Su

Music constitutes a huge part of our life – whether it is about the celebration of an event or to act as a company during our sorrowful times, music has always been there. Nowadays, we can easily browse new songs on our mobile phones and get the genre we want to listen. But to watch or hear your favourite band/artists perform live is a once in a lifetime experience.

Long gone are the days when the Indie music scene in Chandigarh was underrated due to less platforms and exposure. Now every other person is aware of the band culture emerging in the city. People actually take time on weekends to visit the clubs or cafes and watch the old or new artists perform live. Famous or not, people do appreciate the art and effort of these musicians.

One such band that you will be watching live soon is Madboy/Mink formed by none other than Imaad Shah, son of veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah, and actress/singer Saba Azad. The duo excels in electro-disco-funk genre and have achieved fame after their hit song “Union Farm”.

It’s, indeed, party time for Chandigarhians and the people here love to party hard. So this is the celebration that will satiate all your heart’s desires of a happening and rocking party. Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening as it bring along so much fun and excitement for you all.

Along with Madboy/Mink, you will also get to experience the thrilling performances of the infamous Khyber 13 and Baba Bass. It is surely a live show that you shouldn’t miss out. So catch Madboy/Mink, Khyber 13 and Baba Bass live at “Thre3some” at Kitty Su (Chandigarh) on April 28 as the club celebrates its 3 year anniversary.

Book your tickets now at Citywoofer – www.citywoofer.com/e/thre3some-3-years-of-kitty-su

Cartoonist & Comedian… Are you ready for Ravi Gupta?

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Cartoonist & Comedian… Are you ready for Ravi Gupta?

What do stand up comedy and cartoons have in common… um, Ravi Gupta! Okay, sorry about that, it was a bad one. But we promise you this guy is nothing like us. He doesn’t crack bad jokes and really does make cartoons for a living. What a life, eh?

What  : Xtreme Comedy Night with Ravi Gupta
When : Apr 15, 2018 | 7:30PM – 10:30PM
Where: Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill, Sector 22B

By now there’s not one citizen in this country that is untouched by the rising storm of stand up comedy across the nation. We all know what it is, how it works, why we love it. We actively hanker after stand up for our own reasons of distraction. Cartoons, on the other hand, are like the witty & wiser older brother of stand up comedy. He’s been around for at least a century and was playing the joker for his audience for as long as stand up hadn’t arrived.

And yet, cartoons and jokes remain related. A cartoon is like a joke drawn on paper. Both carry an element of wit and let on as little as possible to create an effect. Though cartoons appear funny, often they are dealing with something serious and put a funny spin on it. Comedy comes more easily from stupidity than solemnity, and that’s why silly jokes on something serious create an effect of laughter. What makes the relationship of comedy and cartoons interesting is that with the help of a few words and images, a whole picture comes together and leaves behind a third, bigger image in the reader’s mind.

Now, what happens when you mix stand up and cartoons? Well, we’ll just have to wait and find out this weekend at Ravi’s show. Originally from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, this young cartoonist is now based in Delhi and makes humour for a living – in more ways than one. He claims to have very few talents (ya right! Like these two aren’t enough, haan?) and humour remains the most prominent of the lot. He also claims to laugh a lot at himself. But then which comic act doesn’t take a dig or two at their own self? They need to be able to laugh at their own shortcomings too.

Of late, Mr. Gupta has been performing solo and non-solo events (with established comedians nonetheless) at colleges, corporates, open mic events, industry associations, etc. Ravi’s comedy is generally based on the daily life of the average citizen, bringing out mundane aspects of everyday life with an edgy and witty take on it. Known as the ‘shuddh desi comic’ within the comedy circuit, Ravi depends on the tagline ‘bhokal tight hai” to express his general state of existence.

Catch him live this Sunday at Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill. Book your tickets here now.

Here’s Why You Need To Step Out This Baisakhi

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Here’s Why You Need To Step Out This Baisakhi

Baisakhi is right around the corner and it’s high time we started gearing up for the merrymaking that this festival of harvest brings with it. There’s much much more to Baisakhi than just bhangra and gujias. And this weekend you’ll find out exactly what the big deal about this festival is.

What  : Baisakhi Bazaar 2018
When : Apr 13 – 14, 2018 | 11AM – 9PM
Where: Chandigarh Club, Sector 1
What  : Global Fashion Bazaar
When : Apr 13-15, 2018 | 11AM – 9PM
Where: Kisan Bhawan, Sector 35A

The term ‘Baisakhi’ comes from the word ‘Vaisakh’, which is the Indian name for the first month of the year, according to the solar calendar. Thus, Baisakhi traditionally marks the Solar New Year. It is also considered to be a marker for the Sikh New Year or the Khalsa Sirjana Divas, i.e. when the Khalsa panth of warriors came into being under Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. Most importantly, however, Baisakhi is the celebration of the harvest season across the agricultural north of India.

A festival of vibrant colours and energetic fervour, Baisakhi is a truly Punjabi festival replete with punjabi dance forms, authentic punjabi food, loud punjabi music, indigenous games, and community fairs. It’s more than just another holiday on your work calendar. In fact, you’ll find decorated Gurudwaras as well as local kirtans taking place all over the tricity. Moreover, it’s a site for a true representation of the rich heritage and culture of Punjab.

Baisakhi is a time of meeting loved ones and friends and socialising over mouth-watering festive food. Much like Diwali, or Holi, for that matter. Modern day Baisakhi, on the other hand, is more than just dance and food. It’s also about fashion and style statements. And that’s where the above listed two fairs come into the picture. The whole point of festivals is to dress up and make merry. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Baisakhi Bazaar and the Global Fashion Bazaar this weekend.

A true blend of contemporary and traditional will be the flavour this weekend. Find your own unique look amongst the latest trends on display. So whether it’s the neon hued phulkari jackets or the eclectic ghagras with sombre cholis. Or maybe you’ll want to opt for the chirpy motifs on long skirts and short kurtis. Dhoti pants and bandhgalas in bold prints too. Funky accessories and dramatic footwear aren’t far behind. But, hey, you’ll only know if you go. No?

City of Stars – Drishyam Theatre & Dance Festival 2018

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City of Stars – Drishyam Theatre & Dance Festival 2018

Panjab University has led by example when it comes to recognising talent and shaping tomorrow’s artists. Cultural events are a part of the core ethos of the university and it continues to foster an atmosphere of creativity and brilliance. Inspired by this legacy, UILS is out to host its first ever theatre and dance fest this weekend and it’s sure to not disappoint.

What  : Drishyam National Theatre and Dance Fest

When : Apr 13-15, 2018 | 9AM onwards

Where: University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University

UILS has created a name for itself in producing some of the finest law makers of the country. Legal aspirants that study at this institution go on to realise fruitful careers and high ambitions. A part of the reason for this is the very culture of holistic learning that is cultivated at this refined institute. Bright minds with an aptitude for innovation are honed at UILS to be the change makers of tomorrow and lead by example.

The dominating characteristic of the UILS ethic has always been to polish the individual potential of each student. This includes the multi-talented extracurricular potential of UILS students. Prompted by the need to do more, be more, the students of UILS got together and decided to take their abilities one step further by organising a national theatre and dance fest. The three day event is taking place this weekend and here’s all that you need to know about it.

The very first edition of Drishyam National Theatre and Dance Festival is designed to give a platform to all aspiring theatre and dance enthusiasts out there. The festival will lay focus on individual aspirations, inspired ambitions, and realising dreams of performing for an interested audience. Thus, the theme of the event is aptly christened “City of Stars”.

Various events will showcase some of the best performances in dance and theatre under different categories. Among the plethora of dance events lined up are certain crowd favourites such as extempore solo and extempore duet, group dance, western solo, and classical/folk solo. The theatre events brought under a common banner are even more thrilling. Stage plays, street plays, mime acts, short films, mono acting, impromptu group acts, quizzes, and more are in store! A special treasure hunt is also being organised that is open to all.

The university is all prepped to host participants from prestigious institutions from around the country. The festival promises to be three days of pure fun and extravagance, with zealous competitions and enthralling events. A “star night” is in the cards too. Don’t miss out!

YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions Tricity Residents!

By Citywoofer Team
YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions Tricity Residents!

Tricity denizens obviously love occasions to go out, there’s no doubt about it. So, how about a fest that purely celebrates our love for going out? We always need an excuse to head out anyway, and here’s a festival with a bang that aims to do just that.

What : YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions
When : Apr 7 – Apr 8, 2018 | 11AM onwards
Where: Parade Ground, Sector 17

The dewy mornings and breezy evenings in Chandigarh have been doing a good job of duping us into believing that the summer is far away. Yet, impervious to us, spring is slowing creeping out the tricity gates and paving the way for summer to set in. Come April, our work and school calendars officially marked the season as warm and sunny. And this season of heat and sweat is not going to say goodbye any time soon.

In preparation of the hot season, Rubix Events decided to throw a chilly, two day festival celebrating Chandigarh’s love for going out and hopping about. A festival that brings together all that we love about stepping out of the house – flea markets, food, music, and shopping! With their #freezingsummers hashtag taking over the tricity social media, their idea is to beat the heat with a cool and freezy start to the hot season. Consider it a frosty start to a sweltering summer.

What’s on offer? Um, two days of outdoor shopping, mouth watering food, fun games, prizes to be won, and entertaining live music! What more do we need to make us happy anyway? Whether it’s the good bargains that you’re on the lookout for, or the endless search for scrumptious food, or just an excuse to chill with loved ones – whatever be your reason to step out this weekend, YOLO is the place you’ll want to head to. From adolescents to the youngsters to those well into their prime to the oldies even… this festival is for all who just want a lively and fresh vibe, a break from everyday life.

YOLO Festival is out and about to create a fiery and energetic experience over two days. The idea is to create a platform for increase of brand awareness and outreach. This in turn will bring about better qualitative standards in brand retail. And that’s how better shopping standards will come about too. The festival promises its visitors a world class retail experience for entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Shopping categories include everything from clothing to home decor to electronic gadgets to handmade products to jewellery to handicraft items to organic products. Real estate and automobile stalls will also be on offer, along with health and medical outlets. So, unless there’s something on the list that doesn’t tick your need, there’s no reason for you to not go, right!

A Parisian Display at The City Beautiful

By Citywoofer Team
A Parisian Display at The City Beautiful

One a bright sunny June morning, Ajay Bhatia awoke at daybreak and decided to stroll around the streets of Paris, capturing the beauty of the city through his camera lens. The result of this is now on display at Alliance Francaise – a photographic record of Paris over one day, from morning to night.

What  : City of Light: A Photography Exhibition by Ajay Bhatia
When : Mar 23 – Apr 7, 2018 | 9AM – 7PM
Where: Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh

In Bhatia’s own words, “It was… Perfect weather for walking and perfect light for photography. I passed by café’s and patisseries preparing to open for the day. I gradually made my way towards the Musée Picasso. The streets and architecture were imbued with an old world charm. People smiled or nodded when you glanced at them. I felt good and at peace with the world.”

A documentary photographer based in Chandigarh, Ajay likes to indulge his passion for travel, event, and architecture photography. Inspired by the quintessential charm of historical towns, cities, and villages, Bhatia chooses to capture the cultural and traditional flavours of such settlements. And at the same time, the contemporary flavour and progressive lifestyles of modern cities also find their way into his work. His photographic interests vary from the rhythmic dances to the colourful vibrancy of folk art in India.

Ajay has extensively worked on the architectural and natural wonders of Chandigarh. His very first photography exhibition was titled “The Hidden Beauty of the City Beautiful” and was organised in collaboration with Government Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh. His second exhibition titled “Straight Lines, Open Spaces” (The Legacy of Le Corbusier) was also hosted by Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh. A third exhibition series entitled “Le Corbusier – The Play of Light” has travelled extensively across India, including cities like Hyderabad and Pune, which are known for their love for the arts.

Ajay is motivated by the belief that it will take him several lifetimes to exhaust the infinite photographic possibilities that the world offers on a daily basis. And yet, he continues to capture as many regions as he is able to visit in this singular lifetime. A strict connoisseur of natural photography, new age techniques like photoshop and editing are an absolute no no for this lover of light and shadows. Be sure to catch his work and frames at this ongoing exhibition at Alliance Francaise before it moves on to its next destination.

Chandigarh Urban Festival Sky Lantern Evening – A Festival of Lights!

By Citywoofer Team
Chandigarh Urban Festival Sky Lantern Evening – A Festival of Lights!

Imagine a pitch black night sky dotted with a thousand lights – no, not stars, we mean lights, lanterns,
and fire! That’s what this Sunday night is going to be all about. The Chandigarh sky will be lit like a
wedding and we promise you it’s a spectacle you don’t want to miss!

What  : Chandigarh Urban Festival Sky Lantern Evening
When : March 25, 2018 | 4:30PM – 9:30PM
Where: People’s Plaza, Capitol Complex, Sector 1

They call Diwali the festival of lights. True. But nobody said we have to celebrate it only once a year,
right? That’s why Chandigarh Urban Festival is hosting a sky lantern evening as part of its closing
ceremony on Sunday, March 25. An estimated 1000 sky lanterns are going to be released by fellow
Chandigarhians and if you want to be part of this celebration, then you need to head over here and
register yourself now!

The Chandigarh Urban Festival has been an ongoing celebration of the cultural diversity and urban
architecture of the city beautiful, for the last two months. It was an endeavour undertaken by the Act!

Chandigarh to create an interactive platform for citizens, academicians, students, politicians, and
bureaucrats to come together and debate, discuss, and celebrate the existence of Le Corbusier’s
visionary city, i.e. Chandigarh!

The Festival will culminate with the Grand Carnival this Sunday, with a variety of programmes lined
up for a truly enriching experience. Starting with the Grand Open Hand March, which will be held at
Jan Marg and will showcase 2400 performers – a mix of professional and amateur folk, classical,
contemporary, and freestyle dancers and musicians. Carnival groups will be dressed up for
masquerade, wearing wigs, masks, funky dresses, and painted faces. Here’s a chance for a truly public
celebration with elements of circusry for tricity residents to come in costumes and masks and join in
the fun.

Did you know that Le Corbusier had designed Jan Marg as a 100m wide ceremonial street for the
purpose of parades, carnivals, and grand ceremonies? Only that it was never used for its intended
purpose and has simply remained a common street to this day. Thus, for the very first time, by way of
the Open Hand March, the Chandigarh Urban Festival will put this street to its actual use.

The March will be followed by a coordinated release of sky lanterns at dusk by tricity citizens at the
People’s Plaza in Capitol Complex. Participants are free to tie a written message with their sky lantern
and each lantern will be released by two people. Sky lanterns are traditionally a part of various Asian
cultures, launched at festivals and carnivals. This Sunday will be a true celebration of the UNESCO
World Heritage Site!

Haal-E-Dil – An Overwhelming Open Mic Night

By Citywoofer Team
Haal-E-Dil – An Overwhelming Open Mic Night

Open mic nights have become a trend in the tricity and we are glad for it! It means more and more people are coming out of their shells to share their work with a listening audience. Here’s the latest in open mic, if you need a place to just relax and absorb the beautiful compositions of fellow Chandigarhians.

What : Haal-E-Dil Silsila Jari Hai
When : Mar 18, 2018 | 4PM – 7PM
Where: Lumos Coco, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh

On Feb 25, hardly a few weeks back, Conviction Visuals organised an open mic night at a quaint little co-working cafe in Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh – a place called Lumos Coco. The idea was that anyone who wanted a platform to share what’s on their mind, a story, an incident, or even a little poem of their own composition could simply step up to the mike and pour their heart out. The only criteria being that it had to be original. The event was aptly titled Haal-E-Dil.

So, Chandigarh answered and how! The event turned out to be such a success that these guys are now back with the next edition – Haal-E-Dil Silsila Jari Hai. The idea remains the same – to have a platform for people who want to share anecdotes, poetry, music, or shayari from the heart without the fear of being judged. And if walking up to the stage and speaking up in front of random strangers is not your thing, fret not. Simply go and find a cozy little spot for yourself and let your heart be filled with the outpour of emotions spilling on stage.

More and more people are finding a voice of expression nowadays and the word is catching on! We’re only glad for it because it means more places to go to and more personal experiences to absorb. The last event witnessed a multitude of people, from a grandpa starting his poem with the lines
Meri zindagi ka aakhri padaav hai
Fir bhi jeene ki chah hai
To a young man reminiscing his childhood days, ending his poem with the lines
Chote chote bacho mein
Ab apna bachpan dhundta hun
The themes of the articulation varied from lost love to martyred soldiers. From the romantic to the nostalgic to the beautifully enigmatic, our fellow Chandigarhians have a lot to express, but only if someone is willing to listen.

And it’s happening again on the 18th. If you have nothing important keeping you busy, we suggest you head over to Lumos Coco without giving it a second thought. You won’t be disappointed, promise.