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How to promote your event among kids & teens

By citywoofer
How to promote your event among kids & teens

Coming up with something that grabs the attention of kids and teens is no less than rocket science. As had been made clear by facts and experiences, they can be quite fickle and finicky; rigid and fixated about one thing at a present moment and completely ignorant about it the next. With such unpredictability in nature, it can become quite challenging to promote your event in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on them, and, in turn, convinces them to act. 

The easiest and the most known solution to the trick is “Hang out where they hang out”. Reach out to the platforms they are active on. They are all on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and countless other social media platforms. So it becomes very important to connect with them on these media. The challenge here is the proliferating social media channels and choosing the right medium among the myriad options available. So the most important step becomes knowing your audience and which ones are their most visited social media sites. That is where you need to strike.

Once you know your place of action, you should be clear about your course of action. We tend to have a long term affinity for things, we become acquainted with as a child. So winning the interest of children at an early age can work wonders for recurring events in particular. For the young ones, you can get an interesting play area arranged with engaging games and activities. Their favorite TV characters can be a super attractive addition which they can play with and get to click too many pictures too. They would definitely love to come back if you provide them an enjoyable experience.

To promote your event among the teens, you might be sending out flyers, text messages, running campaigns and going the whole nine yards to rope them in. But isn’t this what everyone does? Bring your own creativity into practice to win their trust and get them connected to your event. The one thing every teenager wishes for is to be treated like an adult and to see his opinions being acknowledged and appreciated.

You can create an event marketing team of teen representatives to promote your event from different schools and colleges, or enlist ambitious teens as interns because they know it well about what would have attracted and convinced them to attend your event. Let them come up with innovative ideas and support them in bringing it into practice. It will not only help in the promotion of your event but also give them an opportunity to work on a real-life project, adding up to their work experience. So, they will certainly put their best foot forward.

You can announce giveaways by asking them to participate in a quiz or competition because they always have an urge to be the winner and win social media presence. You can also promise vouchers, discounts, and gifts to those who register early. The happiness of being successful in something out of their academics, and particularly on social media has a pleasure of its own. So never underestimate the power of running social media campaigns to promote your event.

The key lies in making the kids and teens feel special. They would readily go to events that cater to their wishes and takes their well-being as a priority. Increase your outreach to them in their peak holiday seasons, when they are most likely to spend time exploring new things, out of their books and studies. Understand their needs and interests, and you will know how and when to touch the right chord.

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Event Planning Tips | Sure shot ways to make your event stand out!

By citywoofer
Event Planning Tips | Sure shot ways to make your event stand out!

Successful and memorable events just don’t happen. Organizing them is a mammoth task that involves a whole lot of toiling from the planning to the execution stage and it does require event planning tips. And when your audience has a good long list of options in front of them, it becomes essential, however challenging it may be, to make your event stand out.

If you are looking forward to organizing an event soon and want it to be a huge hit among the audiences, we bring to you some event planning tips to revitalize your event and enthuse it with the charm and appeal so that it remains etched in the hearts of all those who become a part of it.  

Thinking out of the box is what helps you grab attention. Come up with innovative ways to introduce your event to the people. This is the very first step and make sure you do it right because a pleasant first encounter will go a long way in building a strong foundation to reach out to greater heights.

Catch up with your audience in their favorite hangout place- “Online”. With social media playing a huge role in our lives these days, there is hardly anyone who is accessible offline. So make your presence felt where the majority of them are easily accessible with the right platform for promotion. And do not leave it at that. Run various call-to-action campaigns to get them indulged too and make them a part of your event long before it actually happens.

Creating a rich experience will inspire loyalty and will help you maintain long term relations with your audience. Ensure that they take back home beautiful memories from your event which they can’t help but share about it socially, helping your event gain recognition among a wider audience.

Pay close attention to the service you provide to your audience at your events. That helps you earn goodwill and a positive word of mouth which can do wonders for you in the long run.

If your event happens every once in a year, then it becomes really important for the organizers, to come up with something new to offer to the audiences every time. Old wine in a new bottle doesn’t sell. Attract them with new and fresh additions that leave them intrigued and they find it hard to miss out on anything exciting.

Acknowledge the loyalty and contribution of those who attend your events regularly. This will encourage them to stay connected further and you will have your permanent set of audience to bank on.

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